November 28, 2022

What Is Analysis Report? What Does It Do?

What Is Analysıs Report? What Does It Do?

Analysis report presented to companies that receive pest control services; It provides a report to collect information based on past service results, and in the light of this information, all data of the enterprise are examined on a yearly basis, allowing to focus on correct improvement studies.

How should an analysis report prepared for the Pest Control Service be, what data should it contain?

- Pest control service detail varies according to the needs and demands of a business. The needs of a company that receives a comprehensive application service (for example, a company that produces food); It requires studies against rodents, walking insects and fly (fly, moth, etc.). Here, some data are needed in order for preventive activities to be sustainable, these are data such as what kind of application is made for each pest species, which pests are observed during the controls, where they are observed, and in which period their populations increase.

- All the above-mentioned data is sent to both the service provider and the service recipient company; There should be a system that presents it separately for each month, but also comparatively on a yearly basis. Pest control companies serving these data; While using it in process improvement, the service company can both monitor its own business and present information about the service it receives in a systematic way during audits.

- Technologies for the pest control industry have only just begun to be produced. In order to prevent the developed systems and software from being idle, data should be entered into the system instantly at the time of application and the desired reports should be created automatically by the system so that companies can instantly receive current or historical breakdowns whenever they want, and at the same time, they can access the data they want instantly without any data being lost.

- Moreover, now that the internet of things has entered our lives, it is possible for us to receive these data independently of people. Now, “preventive” services for pest reproduction can also be offered.

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