Biocidal products are active substances and preparations that contain one or more active substances, put on sale ready for use, that have a controlling effect on any harmful chemical or biological organism or that limit their movement, render them harmless or destroy them.

Biocides are chemical substances that are formed by a mixture of one or more active substances and have a controlling or killing effect on microorganisms containing bacteria, fungi, algae, mold or yeast.

Biocidal products occupy a large place in our life. Many of products we use are in biocidal product class. We live healthy life espacially because of these biocidal products that are used for hygiene and disinfection.

Since pest control chemicals are used in pest control they are in biocidal product category. Competence is required to use and sell these products. Therefore, the Ministry of Health is trying to ensure that these types of products are used more conciously by organising biocidal product practitioner trainings. - Pest Control Company