What is it? Mites are microogranisms that are too small to seen with the naked eye. Their numbers are unpredictably high where they are found. They survive by feeding on the epithelial tissues shed by human skin.

Where do they live? They can be found wherever humans are. They can be seen in all communal living spaces you can think of such as public transport vehicles like buses and minibuses where thousands of people get on everyday, door handles in public spaces, remote control vehicles, phones, public lavatories, tables in cafes and restaurants.
What are the harms? They cause diseases such as dermotologic disorders, asthma, shortness of breath, chest diseases, bronchitis.

How to get rid of? First of all, it is not possible to fight against them since they are too small to see by the naked eye. You must make and aggrement with a pest control company that works with a professional team and apply modern technics.

What is it? Centipede (Chilopoda), which is confused with caterpillar because of its apperance can be at least as dangerous as snakes and scorpions. Their size is around 5-7 cm, depending on the climate and regional conditions it lives in, and they can be seen in yellow, orange and brown in nature.

Where does it live? Centipedes live in meadow, woods, under the stone and wall, tree hole, and moist areas such as soil. Centipedes, which usually build their nest under the ground, head towards indoor places where they can secure themselves and find food by going above ground from their damaged nests with the coming of spring and autumn. We should definitely not get in touch with centipede species that may encounter in our living spaces.

What are the harms? Do not mind them when they see you and pretend to be dead. You can get a bite that can be quite painful when touched, which ends in inflammation. Do not forget to put ice on the bite area. Centipede, which has very strong and effective poison, is an invertebrate. It has poisonous feet in every part of its body. Having 17 pairs of poisonous antennae on their bosies, the sting of centipedes can result in dead or paralysis. In case of centipede sting, problems such as vomiting and fever will be encountered, so you should immediately apply to the nearest health institution.

How to get rid of? The fight against centipede, which is a great threat to our health, should never be done individually. Help should be sought from pest control companies as soon as possible. Dealing with centipedes as individual will not only cause us loss of time and money, but also put our health at risk. Centipede control services are professionally applied by pest control companies without having to deal with individiual methods. The applications are carried out in all indoor and outdoor areas.

What is it? Unlike other insects, leather beetle has hairs in the form of bunches on its tail and has a byssoid Shell. Their size is about 8-12 mm. Leather beetle feeds on animal products. It has variety of species. Some species are big and visible and live in outside. Others are so small and cannot be seen.

Where does it live? Since it is so hard to detect their location, it is best to get a service from pest control companies.
What are the harms? Leather beetle enter into human and animal skin and causes the disease we call mange. They can gnaw wool, hairs, animal product even our furnitures.
How to get rid of? It is possible to get rid of leather beetle with pest control. If it is detected in the human body, the priority should be to consult a doctor. However, if it damages the goods at home, at workplace or in any environment, it should be destroyed by expert teams using odorless or liquid control technique. We offer the best pest control service as “”. You can contact with our customer relations and seek help for leather beetle control services.

What is it? Mouse, which is in our life for years, is a very harmful rodent. They meet their nutritional needs according to the areas they live in. Their very strong teeth enable them to gnaw even the hardest objects. They use their flexible body to enter places they want. Mice, which can pass anywhere such as cesspipe and waterpipe, are not easily caught. There are hundreds of species such as mus, field mouse, sewer rat.

Where does it liveMice can appear anywhere, indoor or outdoor. They come to our living spaces to find food or burrow. They mostly appear in kitchen. They give themselves away, when they are in search of food with the clicks they made.
What are the harm?Mice cause many diseases through various contact. They can easily transmit the germs they have through saliva or feces they leave. This causes serious health problems. Mice are active especially at night.
How to get rid of? Encountering a mouse is scary for most people. It is essential to take precautions for the mouse, which will defame the name of business, as well as financial loss for business owner. Such places should be careful. Mouse control should be done regularly. Business owners who want to get rid of mouse should definitely contact a pest control company.


What is it? It is called as silverfish because of its colour. Silverfish, which spawn once a year, leaves 100-130 eggs in each time. They become more dangerous with each reproduction. It it essential to get rid of them.

Where does it live? Silverfish prefer humid and hot hair especially for the development of its young. It is frequently encountered in living spaces of people. When you see one silverfish at home or workplace, it is a sign of dozens. In addition, silverfish can be seen in businesses such as fabric milsl, paper mills, factories, restaurants.

What are the harms? If precautions are not taken, they become even more harmful to people, especially with the diseases they transmit and the financial losses they cause. Although not through direct contact with people, silverfish can cause many diseases by the feaces they leave on foods or things. They damage things in the house, as well as consume all grain-containing foods.

How to get rid of? Silverfish is a type of pest that causes discomfort to people with the damage it causes, and it has become a necessity to get rid of silverfish. It is essential to control silverfishes. Pest control to get rid of silverfish by an expert team will be much better. “ilaç” is with you for professional services.

What is it? Moths, known for their butterfly resemblance, reproduce by spawning. Moths fed adequately in a good environment reproduce 5-6 times. Their eggs mature within 10-15 days. Baby moths hatching from egg become adult in a month and multiply. Moths have variety of species such as webbing moth,grain moth.

Where does it live?They can be seen in homes, carpet factories, grain field, and clothing stores.The places where they live vary according to the species.

What are the harms? Moths make unusable furnishs, clothes and foods by gnawing. Moths that cause physical damage, feel even the smallest vibrations and run away and hide.

What is it? Carpet beetles, which have oval body shape, have black, white, yellow and sometimes orange colors. Larvae are usually light brown to black in color. Larvae is covered with dense, spin like-hairs. In adulthood, they grown in size.

Where does it live? Carpet beetle which is found in unused items and clothes and in carpets and rugs, can feed on hair, feathers, leather and all animals.

What are the harms? Carpet beetles can eat all your items consisting of wool, feathers, hair, silk and leather, they can open holes or cause damage to their handle. Realizing the invasion late means that many of your items have become unusable.

How to deal with? You should throw away the item that carpet beetle make completely unusable. If you keep them, you will cause an invasion again. Even when you do not see any traces, carpet beetle may have left invisible ruins. Wash all your clothes and also towels, curtains and all fabrics at the highest temperature that they will not get damaged.It will help you to using a strong and effective detergent. Get a professional support. You can always trust “”. - Pest Control Company